"Da'zjon Tinae is an MBA Graduate of St. Andrews University where he studied business administration. Da'zjon obtained a wide range of experience working in banking, credit consulting, ATM operations, and more. As the owner of Tinae's Wealth Management, Da'zjon believes in investing in others for a greater purpose."

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5 Credit Card Tips from Da'zjon Tinae

1. Do not max out our credit cards. Keep your usage under 30%. 

2. Do not use credit cards in times of need, the interest that will accrue over time is not worth the hassle. Do not close your open accounts in good standing (thus will result in a drop in your score.

3. If you cannot make a payment on time, reach out to your creditor ASAP! This could prevent negative reporting to the Credit Bureau

4. Do not apply for credit too many times throughout the year. Limit yourself to no more than 4 to 5 inquiries. Each application will result in a 3-5 point loss

5. *Just because you got approved for a loan does not mean it is a GOOD loan!*

Life, Finances, & Opportunity - Da'zjon Tinae


This book expresses the importance of finances, investing, credit, college & its value, student loans, car purchases, mortgages, & more! This is a great resource for anyone looking to make an adjustment to their lifestyle!

“How to Invest Like Warren Buffet” - Dazjon Tinae

  • Invest with a long term time horizon
  • Buy companies that you understand
  • Diversify your stocks with different kinds of companies
  • Invest in companies with a competitive advantage
  • Be aggressive during tough times (buy when good stocks take big hits)





  • Buys $100 worth of lottery tickets a month
  • Blames the government & school systems
  • Impatient 
  • Talks about hopes & dreams
  • Watches a lot of television




  • Invest $100 in stock a month
  • Studies investments & credit an hour a day
  • Patient
  • Executes to make dreams a reality
  • Uses that time more productively