What Is the Are They Hooping (ATH) Mobile App?

Are They Hooping (ATH) is an app designed to help people find pickup basketball games near them or see where your friends and other people are currently playing. ATH is a safe and convenient app can prevent you from showing up to empty basketball courts, so you can flex your skills with friendly competition. With real-time updates, live map, messaging, news feed and more, why haven't you downloaded Are They Hooping?

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Get Ratings...

Mark yourself as "hooping" and find hoopers on the map. Show off your skillset to boost your rep in points!

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Earn 100 hooper points and get a FREE Black ATH Hoodie! 

For the Ladies


We also have a Crop-Top!

This version is for our ladies who like to hoop in style or have more freedom of movement

Scan hooper profiles and add hoopers to play pick up games another day!

Are They Hooping (ATH)

Created by Ron 'Hoop' Jones, Are They Hooping is and app made for anyone with a love for basketball! As you play pickup and expand your reach, players will vote on the skills you bring to the court. Earn new ratings and boost your level from, Beginner, to Average, to Hooper, and get to the highest level to become Verified!

Use our Hooper Scanner to show off your hooper ratings. Scan the barcode to see if your friends and other competition can really play! Check a player's rating before picking them for your team! Do you have what it takes to get to the top?

See, you're on the other side of greatness, so act right away, because, basketball rewards your actions, not speech. So pick me and download the app and start hooping on the map!


Are They Hooping (ATH) profile screen, use the scanner to see who's really a hooper!

Create A Unique Profile

Personalize your own profile page! Make it your own, and customize your background and profile pictures. Your friends will see your page when they rate your skills!

Search for basketball players all over the globe with Are They Hooping (ATH)!

Locate Gyms All Over The Globe

Head over to the map to see which gyms you and your friends can play at any time throughout the day! Search open gyms, and see what's going on near you! 

Find basketball players and gyms on the Are They Hooping (ATH) map!

Find Players On The Map

Click on the map to see how far players are from you. Check the distance and directions you'll need to get there, then showcase your skills on the nearest basketball court!


Find Ron on the map & challenge him 1v1!

Our CEO is one of the best hoopers we know! It's so true, he even hooped in school. How about you? Are your skills better than the rest? Find him on the ATH map and put him to the test! You win?...You get 20 hooper points...You lose?...Ehhh, your skills won't disappoint!

But Wait, There's More To Do!

Stay up to date with the NBA League news and games on the Are They Hooping (ATH) app!

Stay Up to Date With The NBA

Not in the mood to hoop? Not a problem, ATH can still entertain you. Keep up with your favorite team and monitor live scores and updates from the NBA!

Stay connected with friends on the Are They Hooping (ATH) app and message them to see who's playing!

Stay Connected!

Follow  your friends and favorite hoopers to see when they hoop and keep up with their hooper points. Go to their profile and award them more when as score on the court!

Get Involved!

Be a recruit on Are They Hooping (ATH) and share your skills with recruiters over the globe!

Create a Recruit Profile

Personalize your own recruit page! Insert your stats and help coaches find you on our app. It's so easy to make, ATH will help coaches find new talent and all the greats. 

Search our CMi Partners and check out the dope artists on the Are They Hooping (ATH) soundtrack!

Promote Your Business

Become a CMi Partner  and advertise your business and services to our users. Too much exposure won't hurt and Are They Hooping will increase that with our 1000+ users!


Become an ATH recruit sponsored by GA Recruits


#1 Pickup Basketball App

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about Are They Hooping. We hope you enjoyed learning about our app and will take a moment to check it out and rate us!

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