Ron  founded Collective Minds inc in 2014 with the mission to provide a platform to those who needed. Through the use of innovative technology, community support and good ol fashion word of mouth he set out to create an avenue for all artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses to get their name out there. All without having to break the bank or study differential equations. CMi started with as a magazine but since then it has expanded to mobile apps (including Are They Hooping), managing digital marketing campaigns, Apparel, business consultations, training and has amassed a following of 10's of thousands!

Our CEO Ron Jones Jr rocking our latest Are They Hooping (ATH) gear!

Our CEO Ron Jones Jr rocking our latest Are They Hooping (ATH) gear!

Sr. Software Engineer / Sr. Mobile Developer


Ron is also an avid basketball player who spent most of his life on the court. Before computer science and running his business took up his free time, Ron's passions were split between basketball and mma...(if you know how nice he is you may find this surprising!) As far as his basketball career goes, Ron played high school basketball at Kings Ridge where he played against players like Malik Beasley and Kobe Simmons. After standing out on his team and making some noise in the region, he then went on to play college basketball for Berry College. After starting for Berry as a freshman, Ron transferred to Kennesaw State in 2014 and the rest is history....but who knows what lies in the future 😉


Ron playing basketball at Berry! I think he dunked on someone the next play...🤔


Last but not least Ron is an exceptionally talented poet who published his book "The Ill Lines of an Ill Mind" in 2017. Rather explain his words, here's a snippet you can hear for yourself. 

My other love

I'm starting to find 

That you monopolize my mind

Cause if my mind was a book

You'd be every other line

And if you open up a random page and look

You know what you'd find?

It'd be your name in bold 

And that book would be a million copies sold

Cause the lyrics would be so elogant

Anything about you is heaven sent

And if I wrote 10 lines 7 were meant

To tell you you're a little finer than a dime like 11 cent

And when it's my time to shine you'll turn me to superman from Clark Kent

But you're bitter sweet two sides like Harvey dent

Cause you'll give me a new life but take my old

And have me feeling hot but on the inside be cold

I heard you're like a drug that's what I was told

But I'm not afraid to be hooked guess I'm bold

The stories don't scare me

If I need it in the future I'll just get therapy

I know that you'll take care of me

I've always wanted you inherently 

And it's almost time for us to be together

For you my passion burns like summer leather

And I don't care if I'm not your only lover

Cause me and you will go farther than you and any other 

Why I want you so bad people don't understand it

But I know that you're gonna help take over this planet

Matter fact I couldn't do it without you

But I know you're coming, I would never doubt you

And please excuse my impatience

It's just that I saw you when I was 19 and every day since

Like drake, if you want me to say your name to put it to the test

Then I'll say your name,

 I'll see you Success


Our CEO Ron Jones Jr performing at LexisNexis