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Collective Minds Inc. (CMi)

Collective Minds Inc. (CMi)

Collective Minds Inc. (CMi)Collective Minds Inc. (CMi)Collective Minds Inc. (CMi)

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Collective Minds Inc. is a media company created by the people for the people. We are dedicated to helping all kinds of artists from around the globe. We want to help uplift and inspire people to create and do more of what they love. We, at Collective Minds Inc., recognize that art is not clearly defined and we provide artists the opportunity to showcase just that!


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We provide technological services in iOS mobile app development as well as web and graphic design. Our growing team of developers have worked on a multitude of projects including 6 major mobile apps, and 3 popular websites since we launched our technology division in 2019. If you're looking to benefit from our services or are a young developer looking for internship experience, we look forward to connecting with you. Feel free to reach out and contact us


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CMi has released 6 magazine issues since its creation in 2014. Our current issue focuses on Mental Health Awareness and we hope you enjoy all the fantastic artwork, educational articles and helpful resources that our collaborators and editor put together. Our magazine centers on providing exposure for those that deserve it and that mission will never change. To get your own copy of our magazine or pre-order the next issue, click here. 


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Not only do we pride ourselves on what we can do for artists, but what we can do for businesses too. Our CEO, Ron Jones, understands how important a person's dreams are to them and ensures this would not be lost through the growth of CMi. Today, Collective Minds helps countless artists, businesses, and organizations get their message heard and brand recognized. Do you want to advertise with us or learn more about our services, let us know.

CMi January Spotlight Artist!

Naomi Jones - I’m So Sketchy

Naomi Jones, is a well known artist among the Collective Minds community as a contributor the our magazine and Sponsored Artist. Here’s what Naomi had to say...

“I’m a 17 year old aspiring animator. In my free time a paint portraits mainly with acrylic. I’m planning on majoring in animation while minoring in computer science and I hope to work for a big company some day like cartoon  network or Disney.” -Naomi Jones, 2020

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Spotlight Artist of the month feature. Stay connected with CMi for the chance to be our next feature!

Spotlight Artist of the month feature. Stay connected with CMi for the chance to be our next feature!