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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Sponsored Artist?

Becoming a Sponsored Artist by getting connected with us and express your interest. We offer a various packages that provides you the exposure you deserve in cost-efficient ways. We'll get you promoted on social media, our website, and much more.

What can Collective Minds Inc. do for me?

Collective Minds Inc. offers a variety of services that strives to provide passionate individuals the exposure they deserve. This is accomplished through our CPartners, Sponsored Artists, and Spotlight Artists. See more services offered on the featured tab.

What happens if my art isn't featured in this issue?

If you submitted a piece and it is not published in the current magazine issue you may still be featured on the website, on one of our social media accounts or in a later issue. Submit as many pieces as you would like, to ensure your spot!

How do I contribute to the CMi and ATH blogs?

We have two blogs, the CMi Blog and the ATH Blog, that you can contribute your piece. CMi Blog accepts content with a focus on art of any and all forms. The ATH Blog accepts content with a focus on basketball and Are They Hooping. Check out our blogs for ideas!

How can I become featured on social media?

You can be featured by following a few simple steps. Start by following our social media, post your awesome piece and use our hashtag #collectivemindsinc or #CMi2K19 when you post. You can also tag us in your post, we may comment back!

How do I become a CMi Partner?

We offer amazing packages for our CMi Partners. These packages contain a variety of offers, including an advertisement on our app with 1000+ users and our website. You also receive discounts on our products, get connected with us to learn more.

How do I become a Spotlight Artist?

Spotlight Artists are artists that caught our attention. Tagging us in your social media posts so we get the notifications, shouting us out, using our hashtags, and becoming sponsored are all ways to get noticed :) 

#collectivemindsinc or #CMi2K19

How can I stay connected with Collective Minds?

You can stay up to date with all things Collective Minds in several ways. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our Newsletter, CMi Monthly, and look out for new content on our shop, blogs, and new issue releases of the CMi Magazine!

So, what is Are They Hooping?

ATH, is the #1 app for Pickup Basketball, but that's not it. Yes you can see live players and open gyms near you, but ATH is a community. Through the newsfeed, players on the map, and debates spurred from our NBA tab we connect the game and the fan.

How can I see people near me on Are They Hooping?

Download the app from the iOS App Store. Within the app you can mark yourself hooping on your profile page, and all marked hoopers show real-time on our map. With our latest update you can even get directions to your friends on the map!

What can I do for CMi?

If you support CMi and would like to help us achieve our goals there's several things you can do! First, shout us out on social media and be sure to use our hashtag, also reviews help us out a lot, and finally be on the lookout for upcoming hiring opportunities for further involvement.

How often are new CMi Magazine issues released?

CMi publishes our magazine twice a year, in the summer and winter. Some years we publish bonus content based on current events or new opportunities. We are now working on our 7th ed., so be on the lookout and collect the first 6, if you haven't yet!