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About Us

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Collective Minds Inc. (CMi) is a company that provides artists with the opportunity to collaborate with one another and best express themselves. CMi views artists as individuals who convey their creativity through any artistic medium. We have showcased many artists whose skill sets range from spoken word, painting, music, and sketching. Together, we offer amazing services to deliver art uniquely under one forum. 

Offered Services

Offered Services

Offered Services

CMi continuously constructs new and efficient ways for artists to creatively express themselves. We help apprentices looking for a start as well as seasoned professionals seeking a new outlet. 

Our Outreach

Offered Services

Offered Services

Through our social media outlets, magazine releases, and diverse promotional packages, CMi will make it our highest priority to provide recognition to artists of all backgrounds and talents. 

Join Us!

Offered Services

Join Us!

Get involved! You can become a member of the Collective Minds Community too. Learn how to become a Sponsored Artist or CMi Partner today and gain access to amazing promotional packages! 

Ron Jones Jr displaying the first printed CMi logo in 2014

Our Founding

We began in 2014 and started as a magazine company that provided artists with exposure. From the beginning, professionals at Collective Minds Inc. have been dedicated to helping people in as many ways as possible.

CMi, Collective Minds Inc. 
You make the artwork, we make your art work!

Our Mission

Since then, CMi has expanded our presence to multiple platforms including publishing, graphic design, social media and app development. All while releasing new issues of the CMi Magazine on a variety of interesting topics. 

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Our Future

As CM grows, our company's services will expand for artists and spread beyond that as well! We are driven to and will increase the exposure of your work! Learn more by getting connected with the Collective Minds Inc. today!

Ron Jones Jr.

Our CEO Ron Jones Jr is always making moves!

Founder & C.E.O., Collective Minds Inc.

Ron D. Jones Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer Collective Minds Inc. (CMi) in 2014, when he was 19 years old. Ron started Collective Minds with an idea to help change the world by showcasing the talent that lies within it. He believes anyone that creates is an artist and art is not limited to any set of forms. Since CMi's creation he has taken many steps to better himself and his business professionally and personally. CMi has grown exponentially through social media platforms, the publication and release of six issues of the CMi Magazine. 

Mr. Jones is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Kennesaw State University. Ron is also bilingual and speaks English as well as Spanish. He offers a variety of services, from app consultations to basketball training. Ron has been the engine fueling CMi and spends his days advancing the reach of CMi and the services we offer. Whether it be forming partnerships, developing and improving software or investing in the development of our products.

Not only does he help to empower artists, but Ron Jones is also an artist himself! He is a poet and published his first book The Ill Lines of an Ill Mind in 2017. He also developed the app Are They Hooping in 2017 as well as several others. Ron has become a highly skilled mobile iOS developer and even has experience with Java in regards to Android Development. As an artist as well as computer scientist, Ron understands diversity and that art is in the beauty of creation. Ron aspires to grow the Collective Minds Inc. as far as he can in efforts to evolve the worlds of art, basketball, and technology. 

Di'Nasia Berry

C.O.O. & Director of Design, Collective Minds Inc.

Di'Nasia Berry, is currently a graduate student preparing to attend GA Tech in December. She is a Alumna of Mercer University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Di'Nasia is a mental health advocate and public speaker, she has and continues to present to raise awareness of this issue. She joined CMi in 2018, who's focus was promoting and expanding Collective Minds outreach. Since, she has expanded her role and influence on the company. Her short term goals, include her enhancing CMi's outreach with artists as well as increasing our company's relations with businesses and CMi Partners.

She is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Collective Minds Inc. and manages our social media outreach, marketing as well as manages internal operations. She offers services in web development and has created the websites of a few large companies and UI for several mobile applications. For more information check out her business page Double Designs.

Lastly, Di'Nasia is also is an artist herself and excels in multiple mediums including but not limited to sketch, painting, graphic design and more. Di'Nasia aspires to further her education while optimizing her skills in UI/UX design. She plans to use her skillset in graphic design to further advocate for the Mental Health Community and expand the social and online presences of Collective Minds.

Our COO and Director of Design, Di'Nasia Berry, check out her portfolio!

Our COO and Director of Design, Di'Nasia Berry, check out her portfolio!

Julian Champ

Our CFO Julian Champ enjoying a day in the city of Atlanta

C.F.O. & Lead Engineer, Collective Minds Inc.

Julian Champ has been the mathematician on the team, since 2014. As a recent Engineering and Physics graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology he uses statistical analysis to improve company operations and profits. His short term goals are to obtain his MBA and master all aspects of his roles as Chief Finance Officer and Lead Engineer. Julian also offers several services, including tutoring at all levels of math as well as chemistry and physics.

Dayton Fenwick

Community Manager, Collective Minds Inc.

Dayton Fenwick is the Community Managerfor CMi and ATH, as well as an occasional contributor to the CMi blog. Currently studying at the University of Central Florida, he did musical theatre growing up and went to a school for the arts from 6th grade to 12th grade. He likes singing in particular and is looking to get a musical project off the ground once he receives the copyright for his prospective debut album.

Dayton Fenwick, CMi's own Community Manager responsible for social media outreach.

Dayton Fenwick, CMi's own Community Manager responsible for social media outreach.

Mike Bennet

Mike Bennett, our Marketing and SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist, Collective Minds Inc.

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant with a background in Information Technology.

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, I moved to ATL to pursue my dreams in the technology industry.

Along with assisting in some great up and coming apps, I discovered I had a passion for solving the common entrepreneurs problems with Marketing and Branding.

I am currently a marketing resource for CMi and heavily involved in some big projects that will disrupt industries and change the way people interact with each other online.

Looking forward to assisting you on endeavors!

Kendall Humphrey

Chief Inspiration Officer & Business Solutions Consultant, Collective Minds Inc.

Kendall J. Humphrey is Boston University graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications. Prior to graduating, Kendall was a collegiate basketball player for Wheelock and Nichols College in Massachusetts. In 2017, he joined CMI, specifically focused on Are They Hooping as a recruiter, trainer, and coach. 

However, he’s an experienced and efficient communicator with a strong history of working in the digital marketing industry. Kendall’s consistently demonstrated his skills in Customer Service, Sales, Public Speaking, Business Solutions-Strategy, Data Analytics, and Social Media Marketing. Currently, he has founded a product known as “Waev” and is the Chief Inspiration Officer and Business Solutions Consultant.

Kendall Humphrey, CIO and Product Manager for CMi

Kendall Humphrey, CIO and Product Manager for CMi

What YOU Can Do!

Featured artwork from a contributor in the CMi community.
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