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ISO Training

Who We Are?

ISO: The Art of Basketball is a lifestyle that can only grow through experience. ISO provides players of all ages with collegiate level 1on1 and group training;  no game will ever be the same, so every session will be specific to each player. Basketball is supposed to be fun, played hard, and played to your rhythm. We're not training to make it look good, everything good takes time. We also offer fitness training for those who simply want to get in shape. 

Get connected with Kendall Humphrey to learn more about iSO

Get connected with Kendall Humphrey to learn more about iSO

ISO Trainer

Kendall J. Humphrey

Kings Ridge 4 Year Letterman

Nichols College *RedShirt

Wheelock College

Coaching Experience:

Every one of my students is different and requires unique attention. I’ve had a wide range of students, including: high schooler’s, college, young beginners, as well as the disabled. My focus always varies depending on what would benefit each student the most. I understand that everything takes time and growth is unique to the person. However, I believe that hard work, time, and focus always gets you to the finish line. The life lessons, connections, and physical/mental aspects of basketball are what really matters. The art of basketball is unique to every person and that’s the approach I take. Creating their own unique masterpiece through hard work and focus.

ISO Trainer

Ronald D. Jones Jr.

I believe basketball is not just a sport. It’s a journey with the ability to open doors to anything you put your mind to.

My understanding and experience with basketball is unique. I’ve always studied the game and have a high IQ on the court.

Though I do try to push my students out of their comfort zone, we’ll develop a relationship so that the student understands “why” and how it relates to their ultimate goal.


Athletic Highlights:

Athletic Highlights:

Centennial Highschool Boys, Kings Ridge Christian School (KRCS), Centennial Highschool Girls, Alpharetta Feeder Program, Chattahoochee Highschool, AAU, Alpharetta Rec Center, Wills Park, etc.

Athletic Highlights:

Athletic Highlights:

Athletic Highlights:


Innerman AAU

Kings Ridge (KRCS) 4 Year Varsity Letterman

Berry College (Starter) 

Session Plan:

Athletic Highlights:

Session Plan:

It’s never a good idea to solely focus on what students are good at.  That will come naturally as a player continually plays and practices. My job is to make someone better and evolve their game. 

IS Trainer

Anthony (AJ) Hudson

Anthony Hudson is the podcast co-founder of both Rim Talk and Chris & Huddy. Though a Dallas, Texas native, he’s moved around and grown up in states such as New Jersey and Georgia. On the court, he has a unique skill set he’s developed over the years as a result of different styles of basketball from everywhere he’s lived.

Currently, he’s passing on generational knowledge from his experience of coaches, situations, and regions. He is a trainer who will motivate you to be your best but will give you the right knowledge to unlock your maximum confidence as a basketball player. Confidence is everything and you will be in your groove when it comes time to play in real games. .


Growing up, AJ played for Roswell High school’s Varsity team and the top #15 ranked AAU team in GA the North Atlanta Stingrays. Like many players, exposure camps were key in getting his name out there, because it is all about branding. After graduating, AJ joined the University of Alabama Basketball team as a preferred walk-on and made tons of progress training under a Division 1 program in the SEC.

ISO Trainer

Stan Long Jr.

As the founder of the Rim Talk Podcast, Stan digest the game of basketball every day. Basketball IQ was a key aspect of his game and continues to influence his outlook on the game as a trainer and coach.

“I was a late bloomer when it came to basketball, but my passion and love for the game has been with me my entire life. I know what it’s like to be at the back of the pack and playing catch up with your teammates.”

Stan is extremely relatable to many young kids and will invest the discipline and work ethic in you to reach your goals. Not only get you at the same pace as your teammates but make your skillset and mental strength show out on their own. 


➢ State Champion- The Cottage School

o Rebound and Block leader

➢ North Atlanta Stingrays-AAU

o Ranked #15 in Georgia (Soph. 2012- Jr. 2013)

o Consecutive tournament winner

➢ 4 years in the United States Army Military Police Corps

Kendall Humphrey stats and highlights, get to know Coach Kendall!

Guards Are the Key to a Championship Run

October 23, 2013

By: Erik Podell (@CoachEPo) |

Every low and mid major coach will tell you that guards are a dime a dozen and that post players are impossible to find!

While somewhat true, a dynamic backcourt can be the difference between a NCAA tournament bid and finishing at the

bottom of your league. Over the years, mid major back courts such as Jason Richards and Stephon Curry or Brett Comer

and Bernard Thompson can lead under dogs to deep runs in the NCAA tournament.

Basketball is a guard’s game and most teams will go as far as a quality backcourt duo will take them. Lead guards always

have the ball in their hands and for the most part dictate pace and possession. Elite wings that can knock down shots,

excel in transition, and cause havoc defensively.

Mid major coaches to need to be asking themselves these questions when evaluating guards. Who is the next Andrew

Goudelock? Who is the next Langston Hall? Who is the next Isaiah Canaan? Who is the next Torrey Craig? Who is the

next Saah Nimley?

If you can find hidden gems like the players mentioned above, coaches will be smiling come March. 

Kendall Humphrey (6’0, 2014, Kings Ridge Christian, GA)

There is something to say about a player who is just steady. Humphrey does a little bit of everything and flew under the

radar due to an injury this summer. Kendall takes care of the ball and runs the show. He is a really quick, athletic guard

who pushes tempo, runs offense, and keeps his teammates happy. At the end of a game, Humphrey is a guy who has

8points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 steals. He is also an excellent student.