Ron Jones Jr

Bilingual iOS Developer

Ron Jones is a senior iOS developer with over 5 years of experience. He is the sole developer behind most of his projects which include 'Are They Hooping', 'Roster Sheet', 'Bipolar Disorder - the Facts' and several others. He also minored in Spanish at Kennesaw State University and became fluent after his time spent living in Mexico. Ron affords affordable tutoring services at only $30 an hour in both Swift programming and Spanish. Ron also develops applications for clients at a low price that can be negotiated per customer basis. For only 30 dollars you can explain your idea to Ron and he will let you know the timeline, work necessary and pricing behind your request; he will explain it from his view as well as if you were to take the same idea to the industry. Finally, Ron offers his services as a mentor as well as and would love to help fellow developers with their bugs or technical issues. Click here to learn more about Ron.