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Most entrepreneurs have the same struggles. Although we are in different industries and solve different problems, the problems WE face are the same. Scarcity, Traffic & Conversions.

Even if you can perform greater than those in your industry, if no one knows who you are, no one cares, and no one trusts you.

If you do know where to go to get your clients or know who your clients are, your business will suffer.

When you get people to your site, if you do not know how to talk to them in their language or ascend them up to your value ladder (keyword), you are leaving money on the table.

A Brief Story About Me

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How does it feel to have so much knowledge, so much skill, and so much talent, but no steady income to show for it? Maybe you are on your last dollar or maybe you have accomplished your corporate dreams yet finally seeing the glare from the glass ceiling they said you would never see.

I know what it’s like…on both ends!

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I had a great idea for an app and even validated it amongst a few hundred people during open pitch sessions at local incubators. Then I ran into the double bricked wall of “NO MONEY” and “NO MOVEMENT”. I wanted money I didn’t have, and I needed it asap!

With the great advertising of a select few social media Guru-level influencers, I thought it would be a great idea to start a Social Media Marketing business “ON THE SIDE” to make an extra 100k profit on the side to raise money for our app.

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Little did I know, our little side business turned out to be a level 100 monster that my level 1 hero couldn’t defeat. After several programs bought and several failed attempts to acquire the clients I needed, I was forced to go back to the drawing board. The grind to an MVP was discontinued and I owed a UX designer about 1k that I didn’t have.

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I was left with all this information I barely understood, but suddenly a shift happened. I thought “if I saw the value in this, how do I make the most of it?” I decided to put being a tech mogul on hold for a minute and started to pursue social media marketing and branding heavy. You wouldn’t believe the many eye-opening situations and events that changed my life when I took this more seriously.

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From a myriad of principles I learned from marketing, the true epiphany came while working with a new business partner of mine on my journey. What I learned was so pivotal that it has changed my perspective, not only in business but in life, forever. The principle? If a service provider, a business or anything for that matter, does not have a structured process of creating and measuring the traffic flowing to its business, then they are waiting to go out of business.

Mike the Marketing Guy

What did this have to do with tech? Well, since I did not have a structured process to acquire the money and traffic needed to thrive in an oversaturated market, my product idea was a dud. Since I didn’t have a structured process to acquire VCs, I had no way for people to know if my idea was worth the risk of millions.

What does this have to do with a personal trainer, or a solo-medical practitioner, or a beauty consultant? Again, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A STRUCTURED PROCESS TO CREATE AND MEASURE THE TRAFFIC THAT SHOULD BE FLOWING THRU YOU BUSINESS, YOU ARE WAITING TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

Mike the Marketing Guy

After realizing this, I became obsessed. I became addicted to learning and implementing these axioms of marketing. And I am constantly learning more and more every day. I found joy and excitement helping businesses on many levels rewire their thought processes on marketing. I have found delight and purpose in changing the direction of businesses through Social Media Marketing, more in particular, through Online Sales Funnel consulting.

Success Stories

The ability to create your own traffic and the ability to measure your growth are the two biggest pain points all entrepreneurs face. This is not unique to a particular niche. Every service provider has the same issues, although we all have different problems we have committed to solving.

Everyone has the struggle of getting and staying out of scarcity. If you accomplish abundance in the marketplace and get enough traffic, this will lead to more money, which leads to controlling how fast your business can grow. Believe it or not, the beautiful struggle we face is that everybody has saturation in their market. Why is this a great problem? Because the thing that separates you from the competition is your angle. And what makes your angle unique is your story.

What I Do

So what’s the secret? What is the hidden way of getting out of scarcity and sharing your story with the market that you have chosen to serve? It’s called Sales Funnels.

Once an entrepreneur learns how to leverage the internet in their favor, they will never starve. They will never be stagnant against their own will. They will never be in the clutches of hope and referrals. The power to change their business and make magic happen will purely be based on the level of ambition they have. No more being dragged through the mud with depending on clients to keep you in the black. With Sales Funnels, you can create your tide that raises your ship and helps your sale at the pace you want to go.

While I have been teaching Sales Funnels for some time, I noticed that there are several concepts that service providers struggle with. And again, this is not exclusive to a particular business. Every person in business has the same problems.

Get connected with Mike the Marketing Guy, he's your guy!

Get connected with Mike the Marketing Guy, he's your guy!

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